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Weatherproofing the Spitfire
As the rainy season approaches Southern California, I thought that it would make sense to seal up some leaks in my vehicle. I need to install the s...
cogzoidteam Nov-04-10 08:49 AM
by Joe Curry
5 1020  
The Real Deal on my Spitfire
As you all know I spent a long time, and quite a bit of money restoring my Spitfire. I rebuilt absolutely everything, and the effort paid off. I ...
dkloehnmoderator Oct-15-10 07:19 AM
by dkloehn
18 1001  
Headlight Surrounds
Wondering if anybody has any advice on headlight surrounds? On Spitbits they go go for $120. On VB they go for $79.95. My 1st thought is to g...
rjhansen74 Sep-24-10 04:04 PM
by rjhansen74
3 505  
Broken convertible top frame
Hello all, sorry to have been away for so long. I have recently been re-energized to get the Spitfire done, and went so far as to sign up for a t...
bw_mkiiiteam Sep-11-10 10:35 PM
by bw_mkiii
5 526  
Spot (or plug) welded seams - prime or bare?
My 79 rust removal programme is proceeding on budget (so far) despite there being inevitably more rust than anticipated...lots of small home made ...
Munro Aug-27-10 03:56 PM
by Agricola1066
4 599  
Soft Top Installation
Got a Robbins top from VB. Looks like they shorted me on the hardware. Only came with 14 snaps and I count 21 on the old top. The instructions do...
Curt Jul-20-10 00:11 AM
by JohnZissler
15 1624  
Which welder?
Hi guys, I've been gone for a long time - because I never found a suitable Spitfire for restoration - but I'm back. I'm looking at buyi...
Dennis Jun-30-10 09:11 AM
by Joe Curry
7 564  
Rocker panels?
I was just perusing the JC Whitney website and came across a listing for "rocker panels" (That's the same as the "door sill," right?%2...
Dennis Jun-27-10 06:19 PM
by Joe Curry
1 613  
Troublesome waist seals
I'm finally getting around to installing my windows. I put a piece of rubber on the bottom of the glass and pressed it into the rail that rides up ...
cogzoidteam Jun-09-10 10:25 PM
by tonymrfixit
6 718  
Floor or sills first?
Just started body repairs. Haven't got sills off yet and scope is growing - holes in floor. I am hoping (against the odds) that inner sills...
Munro May-09-10 08:51 PM
by Joe Curry
3 528  
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