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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Totally Triumph Network TEAM supporter to help fund the ongoing operation, growth and long term survival of the The Totally Triumph Network. Originally created to provide all Triumph motorcar enthusiasts with an advanced discussion platform free of superfluous off-topic content and flame wars, the site debuted as The Totally Triumph Garage on September 7, 2000 and has grown steadily in membership.

As of November, 2001, this site had been visited by more than 23,000 unique visitors and is accessed over 11,000 times per week.

Originally, commercial vendor support of this site through banner advertising was anticipated, but after 14 months of operation funded entirely out of my own pocket, an optional, enhanced form of membership was desperately needed in order to continue the operation of this site and maintain the excellent level of service and discussion environment that our members have come to appreciate and expect. A secondary, but important purpose for this fundraising effort is to upgrade and expanding the network's offerings for the further enjoyment of our valued members.

To solve the increasing strain of funding this site, we've come up with a real win/win program whose benefits to each upgraded, or "Team" member, will far outweigh its investment by way of a very modest annual membership fee of $20 (U.S.) per year.


For your annual membership fee provides enhanced membership benefits which include:

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I'm ready to help support and tap into the benefits of this site by upgrading to TTN Team Membership and receive: Full, unlimited access to The Totally Triumph Network, access to private member-only forums, eligibility for special member-only prize drawings, purchase discounts and more. I understand that any personal information I give will remain private and not disclosed to any third parties for any purpose.

If you're not yet a member of the Totally Triumph Network Forums, please create an account first before submitting your payment so your membership can be upgraded properly.

Thank you for helping to make The Totally Triumph Network one of the fastest growing full featured and most highly regarded Triumph motorcar related discussion sites on the Internet! Your membership upgrade to team status will only make it stronger, better and guarantee the longterm viability of this website.

Thank you in advance for your support. See you on the TTN.

Jeff McNeal, founder & administrator

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